The press can

Design from 1852 by the two Frenchmen Mayer and Delforge.

First patent 1929 by Attilio Calimani, a Milanese designer.

Patented in 1958 by the Swiss Faliero Bondanini and started to be produced and distributed in France.

The French Press is one of the most popular and well-known brewing methods. Most people who brew ground coffee at home usually own a press pot or know someone who does.

You could say that the pressure cooker is the closest you can get to the brewing method of cupping. Tapping is the method that roasters use when tasting coffee, it is a quick and easy method to taste, identify quality and flavour tones of coffee beans. All oils and their flavours are experienced as there is no filter to absorb the oils. Since the press pot also has no filter and uses coarsely ground coffee for both the cup and the press pot, you could say that they are quite similar in taste experience.

The pressure cooker has been around more or less since 1852 when a design of it was released by two Frenchmen. The press pot was redesigned by an Italian designer in 1929, but it was only after 1958 when a Swiss designer created a new design that the press pot took off, the same design is still popular today; Bodum Chambord.


1852 is the year of the first dated design for the press can. The designers behind this design were the two Frenchmen Mayer and Delforge, this is a simpler design than those that were later patented.

1929 the first design for the press can was patented by Attilio Calimani, an Italian designer from Milan.

1958 another design was patented by the Swiss Faliero Bondanini. This pressure cooker started to be produced and distributed by the French company Martin S.A. under the name Chambord.

1960 when Chambord became popular, a “twin” design was created by the British company Household Articles Ltd. under the name La Cafetière. The company that obtained the rights was owned by one of the investors in Martin S.A., Louis James de Viel Castel.

1991 Martin S.A. was acquired by the Danish company Danish Bodum Holding. At the same time, the rights of Household Articles Ltd to sell the product in France under any name whatsoever were terminated.

Danish Bodum Holding has kept the classic design since they bought the company in 1991, the pressure cooker and that design has become one of the most famous home brewers.