Coffee tasting



Price: 500kr/pp.

For groups of 5-20 people, we recommend booking a coffee tasting for private/closed parties. Please email us at to book a closed party.

In the heart of Gothenburg at Avenyn, we take coffee tastings to new levels with unique and customised coffee tastings, experiences out of the ordinary where you can experience everything from how different brewing methods affect the taste and texture of beans to how coffee beans can taste different depending on which continent, country or plantation the beans come from.

We like to be different, unique and daring. But above all, we like to create experiences and share knowledge, we do it daily at the café and even more so at our coffee tastings.
Thank you for a very engaging and informative event!

We were very happy! We thought it was a fun and slightly different approach to try different cooking methods instead of different beans. You learned a lot of new facts, and the coffee was good too of course!
– Åsa, Development Team Member at Zenuity.

Many thanks for a very interesting, instructive and fun evening!
We were all so happy! You made it just the right amount of personal, professional and light-hearted! Many aha-experiences! 😊👍👌☕️
– Kaiza

Company event with the staff

Coffee tasting is an excellent and appreciated event for the staff. Coffee is the beverage we consume during coffee breaks, meetings, lunch and while working. We know how important it is what chairs we sit on, what tables we have, what bed we sleep on and what food we eat… Of course we should also know what magic elixir we drink all day long to keep up production. With this coffee tasting you will gain more knowledge about coffee but it is also something that will bring your colleagues closer and have a stronger common bond as they will be able to talk more openly about coffee, maybe even experiment a bit and make the coffee break a bit more fun, at least for a little while to come.

Experience with friends

Do you really know what your friends like for coffee? Do you know what kind of coffee you like, or do you just think you do? One way or another, there’s a good chance we’ll find out how you really like your coffee, and sometimes even someone who doesn’t like coffee will find coffee they do like – it’s not impossible, because it’s happened.

We’re not magicians, but what you’ll taste is usually something most people aren’t used to – for better or worse, but always appreciated.

The coffee beans we use for our signature tasting on brewing methods vary each month, just as we vary the coffee beans in the cafe each month. This makes it fun to come to coffee tastings on more occasions to experience new flavours with beans from other countries.

The tasting usually starts with a coffee to mingle with.

This is followed by some facts about the process of how the coffee bean goes from cultivation to cup. And then the actual tasting starts with the first brewing method, during the coffee tasting you will get information about everything from the brewing methods to some more fun history and facts about coffee.

We see our coffee tastings as relaxed and fun with interaction.

Our second coffee tasting is about tasting coffee from different countries and plantations, here you get information about how nature, environment, surroundings, processes, etc. can affect the coffee bean’s flavors.