Cafe Avenyn

Find Your Best Cafe on the Avenue

Avenyn is Gothenburg’s main street and between 2015-2020, Avenyn has become increasingly cafe-dense, with everything from the city’s best-known niche hipster cafés and coffee shops to local and national café chains now found here. On this page we want to help you find and understand which cafes are on the Avenue so you can find your cafe or try new cafes, we present the cafes primarily based on their coffee focus. Sharing coffee knowledge and coffee experiences is something we want to do and we try not to limit ourselves to our own, but also to share, we want to encourage you to visit different places, experience different environments, different coffees, different coffee flavours, different coffee cups, different coffee machines, espresso machines and brewing methods. We love coffee and we want to encourage you to experience more coffee and find your favourite coffee shop, whether it’s the environment, taste or quality that you appreciate most. Don’t forget to ask the different cafés about which country the beans come from, what kind of beans they use, such as Arabica or Robusta, which roastery roasts the coffee, how hard the beans are roasted, what flavour tones you can expect, etc. The more you ask, the more you learn and the more fun and enjoyable the coffee experience will be. But most importantly, enjoy the coffee!

Local small independent cafés and restaurants on the Avenyn

Here you will find a list of the small independent cafés on the Avenue, some of which have coffee as their focus and others have more focus on coffee and food, but in common they have their independence with a unique feel, decor and focus. Some of these are also a little bigger, others a little smaller, but still equally worth visiting to experience.

A43 Coffee Cafe Avenyn

A43 Coffee

A café & coffee bar with a focus on coffee, taking flavours to a unique level by working closely with local micro-roasters. Here, the craftsmanship of the coffee is important. Special coffee of the highest quality is used here.

Viktor's coffee

A sibling-run café that varies coffee from local, national and international micro-roasters. Viktor was the first café on Avenyn to offer hand-brewed coffee using the Hario V60. Speciality coffee is used here without compromising on quality.

Jimmy & Joans New York

A café with a focus on bagels. Here you will experience a feeling of New York but on Avenyn in Gothenburg and their Bullet Proof Coffee à la New York Style.

Roots Café

A cafe inside the Gothenburg State Library with a selection that will suit everyone, coffee is not the focus but the cafe's selection focuses on organic.

St: Agnes

A café and bakery with a focus on the vegan range.

Junggren's Café

One of Gothenburg's oldest cafés, also called Jungans and has been around since 1895. This is a classic Gothenburg café and you will also find more traditional pastries and sandwiches.

Café chains specialising in speciality coffee on the Avenyn

Just because it’s a coffee chain doesn’t always mean that quality is compromised. The chains on this short list have coffee as a major focus with their own roasteries and objectives to highlight the bean’s characteristics.

Da Matteo

A café chain with its own roastery in Gothenburg, Da Matteo was at the forefront of the early days of specialty coffee in Gothenburg.

Johan & Nyström

A coffee chain from Stockholm, they roast some beans in Gothenburg but mainly it is roasted in their Stockholm roastery. Johan & Nyström strives to continue informing about speciality coffee.

Other restaurants & cafés on Avenyn

Here are the other restaurants, chains and bakeries on Avenyn.


The café has been around since 1993 and used to feature the classic Tintin cartoon. For several years, the café has been the only café on Avenyn that is open 24/7.


One of Sweden's largest coffee chains.

Le Pain Francais

One of Gothenburg's largest coffee chain with a French focus, on Avenyn main street is one of their premises where there is also a restaurant and bar.


A Gothenburg chain with its own pastry shop and bakery since 1930.