The coffee bar in Gothenburg


A43 Coffee at Avenyn 43 is a local coffee shop with a focus on experiences.

Our experiences are focused on four main areas in rank order; Coffee, Tea, Snacks and Food.

Coffee is divided into two additional sections; coffee in the coffee bar and coffee tastings. But the basis is the same; our coffee comes from local micro-roasters who work with specialty coffee, this means coffee that qualifies as one of the world’s best coffees, not only in taste but also in the entire food chain from cultivation to what’s in your cup, for more information read my article on specialty coffee. In order to maintain this level, we work closely with the coffee roasters.

Coffee in the coffee bar means the coffee we serve during our daily activities where you come in and order your coffee or fika. We use different brewing methods and different coffee beans for the different brewing methods in order to serve you a taste experience that you will appreciate.
We have a coffee menu, but I usually say that you are welcome to talk to us about your preferences as we don’t limit ourselves to what is on the menu.

Coffee tastings are a way to learn more about coffee and experience coffee flavours in a different way, we have different types of coffee tastings that you can read more about on our page about coffee tastings .

Tea is an alternative to coffee and something that is underestimated, tea has a much longer history than coffee and the possibilities for creating experiences around tea are enormous. We have been working gradually since the first day to create an experience with tea as well, today we work with organic teas mainly from Sri Lanka, amazing and pure flavours. In the future, we hope to create even better relationships with our tea suppliers and create a real tea experience in the coffee bar (tea bar?).

Snacks are something that is particularly important to us in the Nordic countries and especially Sweden with our fika concept. Our goal is to produce as much as possible ourselves or in cooperation with small local bakeries or pastry shops. If we are to keep the concept of high quality and experience, it has to go all the way and the addition is at least as important to us as what you have in your cup.

Food is a popular theme during lunch in Gothenburg and on Avenyn. Our food selection is limited but carefully considered. You have to keep in mind that we are a coffee shop and not a restaurant, but we want to give you the opportunity to satisfy your stomach here as well. Most of the dishes are made to order, which means that we have as little as possible ready so that we can continue to maintain the level of taste and experience in this area as well. See our menu if you want to browse our food offer.

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Oreo Cheesecake Tårta Göteborg Med Oreo Crush

Our Mission

Here at A43 Coffee we have made it our mission to be more than just a coffee bar; We are continuously seeking ways to deliver a unique experience in terms of quality, flavour, service and ambience. Where possible, we have established sustainable and long term collaborations with local suppliers to be able to provide you with the best tasting experience while still remaining loyal to both local businesses as well as caring about our planet.
On top of providing your tastebuds with a great experience, the baristas at A43 are working hard to stay in the loop with the seasonal beans and brews on offer to be able to maintain the best service possible.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a platform that works with the most industry-driven baristas: To always encourage development by offering our staff access to resources, tools, equipment, knowledge and education, but most importantly the individual freedom to experiment.
We want to create and show a path for a sustainable coffee industry that makes working with coffee a lifetime career. We believe that happiness and knowledge within the team and our readiness to experiment will help us fulfill the mission to deliver a unique and exciting experience.