A43 Coffee and its Coffee History

2019 – This year a close cooperation with the roastery Coffea Circulor was started and A43 Coffee launched “their signature roast”, a medium roast with a focus on more classic flavours such as cocoa and nuttiness. But still continued with the concept of offering a lighter roast that varied 1-2 times/month while offering the medium roast.

2018 – Aldrin was faced with a split decision between electronics and coffee, but as electronics had become something he had grown tired of over the years and his passion for coffee had grown significantly, the decision was emotionally simple and a total career turnaround was made with the attitude “it’s now, all or nothing for something I really want to do”. The electronics business was sold and the premises were transformed into a cafe where the name then became A43 Coffee, this was 1a April 2018. The range of food and pastries grew rapidly and the focus on specialty coffee became stronger after working with coffee from the roastery Kafferäven Per Nordby for a while.

2017 – A year after the coffee shop’s inception, the partnership came to an end, but Aldrin chose to purchase the coffee shop’s equipment and continue operating it with employee baristas. The concept slowly began to take new forms as Aldrin’s coffee knowledge grew.

2016 – The foundations of the A43 actually began in 2016. A collaboration with Marley Coffee (coffee brand) & House of Marley (audio products) led to a shop-in-shop coffee shop in an electronics store, the electronics store was then owned by Aldrin Doudchitzky, the founder of A43 Coffee, but the coffee shop was then run by the agency of Marley Coffee & House of Marley and the coffee shop went under the names “Marley Coffee”, “Marley Shop” and “Marley Roots” at the time.